Motivation to Run

Everyone needs a little motivation. I decide why I’m doing what I’m doing, how I’ll reward myself when I do it well, and how I’ll feel when I know I’m there. I believe in setting goals. I believe in mantras. I believe in positive reinforcement. I really am my own driving force, so this method is perfect for me. It may work for you too.

Tips to get your mind in sync with your feet:

• Write a Desire Statement. On an index card, write your personal mission statement. Begin with I run because…and list the reasons you run and the benefits you expect.

• Reward Yourself. End your statement by promising yourself a specific reward after you run regularly for, say, six weeks.

• Read Your Desire Statement Every Morning. Tape a copy to your refrigerator, the dashboard of your car, your computer – anywhere you can see it and contemplate it throughout the day.

 Create a Running Mantra. Imagine how you’ll feel after you achieve the running goals you listed in your desire statement. Then, choose up to three words that capture that feeling, such as I did it or Beautiful or Sexy.

• Recite Your Running Mantra. Repeat it over and over whenever you’re trying to convince yourself to run. Your Running Mantra connects you to all the positive feelings in your desire statement.

• Visualize a Successful Run. When you’re wavering on whether or not to hit the road, sit down and picture yourself running. See yourself running with a smile on your face, running your way to better health or a new PR.That’s very motivating to a lot of people.
[Revised from The Mental Edge: Maximize Your Sports Potential With the Mind/Body Connection by Kenneth Baum]


Off I go to work on writing my desire statement and mantra, and deciding on my reward. When it’s all done, I’ll definitely share it. Feel free to share yours with me. 🙂

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