Where I Run

I’ve been missing for a looong time. I know. Sorry about that. A lot has been going on. My mother was unexpectedly admitted to hospital at the end of November, and she was in there for 2 weeks. Days after her discharge, my grandmother was admitted. She was soon sent home “to be comfortable.” At the end of December, she died. It’s been a long, hard road. I fell behind in a lot of things, including my runs. I’ve slowly been picking things back up. Once again, I’m back on the running wagon.

This isn’t much of a Wordless Wednesday since I’m explaining my absence, but I’ll share pictures anyway. They show my new running spot. I love it.

The parking area

I park in that little groove, then run on the road (or sidewalk if I hear a car behind me); away from the parking area, toward where the photo vantage point

9 thoughts on “Where I Run

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    • Thanks.
      It’s perfect therapy. I run it all out, then take in the scenery.
      Consider the pictures my way of sharing my running scene with you. You can call them to memory any time, on me. 🙂
      Honestly, I wish there were woods and cool little trails to run in.

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